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Differences Mosque and Mushola

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Meaning of Mosque

The mosque is a house or building a place of prayer (prayer) of Islam. Mosque known as "the Muslim holy place" or "place of worship of Muslims", especially the ritual prayers.

In language, the mosque [مسجد] is Arabic, which means "place of prostration", taken from the word sajada [سجد] which means "bow down".

In the Minutes of Islamic literature, all the places used for prayer called the mosque. In a his saying, the Prophet called the entire surface of the earth used as a mosque for prayers.

... وجعلت لي الأرض مسجدا وطهورا, فأيما رجل من أمتي أدركته الصلاة, فليصل"The entire surface of the earth can be used as a mosque and purification tool for me. So anyone among my people who find time to pray, immediately he was praying." (HR. Bukhari & Muslim).

وأينما أدركتك الصلاة فصل, فهو مسجد"Wherever someone find time to pray, soon he prayed. Because the place is a mosque. "(HR. Bukhari & Muslim).

The Standing Committee was in Fataawa (Fatwa Council of Ulema of Saudi Arabia) noted:

المسجد لغة موضع السجود. وشرعا كل ما أعد ليؤدي فيه المسلمون الصلوات الخمس جماعة"The mosque is language means place of prostration, and understanding of sharia, mosque means any place that is prepared for the implementation of the congregation pray five times by the Muslims."No classification Mosque in Indonesia, ranging state mosque to mosque jami 'mosque and at the local level.

Understanding Mushola

Mushola may be small in size but not as a mosque, could also be in a building or even in the home. General understanding, prayer is "a place or a special room for prayer" (prayer room) at home, schools, offices, hotels, airports, and so on.

In Islam, prayer can not be equated and not judged as a mosque. In Fiqh Encyclopedia stated, Musholla house (a place of prayer in the house / musholla) is not an essential mosque, nor convicted of the mosque, so it should be transformed into the other room or perhaps the junub to sleep in it. (Al-Mausu'ah al-fiqhiyah, 5/212).

All building are not categorized not apply the provisions of mushola as a mosque, so there is no suggestion Tahiyatul mosque to pray two cycles --shalat circumcision as respect for God's house (the House), namely mosques.

Differences Mosque and Mushola

An explanation of the definition of mosques and prayer above, suffice gives an overview of what the differences between them, especially in terms of area or size of the building and function.Mushola sizes are usually small and do not be a place of Friday prayers that require a large room that can accommodate tens, hundreds, or thousands of people.

The mosque is spacious, templates made five daily prayers and Friday prayers, and a capacity of tens of thousands of people, there is also a management. 

Allaah knows best bish-shawabi.

Dog story of the Cave

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Islam Facts Religion - It is said, there is a city called Ephese town led by a king named Dikyanus. Dikyanus king and the people do not want to worship God. They even adore and worship idols. Well, in this Ephese city was found a lot of dogs. Even sangking many, the presence of dogs in the city Ephese considered very disturbing. Residents Ephese often disrupted sleep due to barking dogs all night. Not only that, the dogs often steals food from residents, biting children outside the home, as well as soiling their places of worship. So that the dogs in the city Ephese can be controlled, then the King Dikyanus decided to kill all the dogs there. As a result, every day there are dead dog that had been killed.
Seeing dogs serve as the main enemy Ephese city, then there is a small dog that is trying to be saved by his mother under debris. One day, the mother of the little dog looking for food. Naas fate of the mother dog, he was seen by soldiers Dikyanus. The mother ran over backwards and hiding. However unfortunate, the soldiers found the hiding place. They beat the mother dog to death.
The little dog who has learned that his mother had died, feeling sad. But the sadness was quickly relieved to hear that there is still a friend of his mother who wanted him up. Finally, the small dogs are nurtured and suckled by the mother's friends. Her friend had survived the massacre because hiding in the woods. Small dogs reared with loving care to large. To repay a friend of his mother, he accompanied anjinga it got old and died. After that, a small dog who has become an adult dog is living alone and remained in rubble.
Once, the dog noticed a young man who entered the building where he was hiding. The dog was scared, he thought the young man was a soldier Dikyanus. After a long note, it estimates wrong. The young man turned out to be coming while herding cattle left on the outside. After that, the youth movement as worshipers. Apparently, the religion embraced by youth is different from the religion of the King Dikyanus.
With feelings of fear and curiosity, the dog tried to approach this young man. Heard the young man gave praise to God and pray to Him. The dog started to sit beside the young man until the young man finished praying.
Finished worship, the young man put out bread and a piece of meat from her purse. The smell was really starve the dog, let alone have a few days unfilled stomach food.
The dog continued to stare at the young man as he occasionally barking softly. Finally, the young man saw the dog and give it a bit of meat to the dog his lunch. But, still, even though in my heart that wants to take the meat, the dog was still afraid to approach him.
Seeing the dog feel wanted but were afraid approached, the young man finally decided to throw the meat. Deftly, the dog grabbed the young man's meat is given, and ate until he left. After eating it, the heart of the dog, he wants to serve the youth that no matter what happens.
The young man finally home together with livestock. Secretly, the dog followed the young man from behind. When the young man knew the dog followed him, the young man was trying to block the dog. However, the dog was still followed.
The young man walked into the palace of King Dikyanus. Before entering the palace door, he again dispels the dog to stay away. But still, the dog was not going away and still follow him. Finally the young man let the dog followed. The young man handed livestock animals to guard the palace.
Inside the palace there is a very beautiful garden, where the edges of the garden there are sculptures lined up neatly. Suddenly, the dog ran to the statue was then kencinglah dog was under one of the statue. Looking at it, there is a brown female dog who approached the dog. The female dog is barking dogs intends to expel him. "Hi alien dog! Statue that you kencingi Dikyanus the god king, if the king knew, you would be killed," said the female dog. "Where do you live? Why your body so thin?""I live in parts of the city. My body is thin because I eat less.""If you want, there are meat ration my lunch. Please, eat all the meat!""But, you do not barking, yes. I'm worried about being accused of stealing," asked the dog. Greedily, all lunch meats female dog spent in an instant.
Before the young man left the palace, King Dikyanus calling the boy. Raja Dikyanus asked the young man, "Hi lads, I have not seen menyembang idols like us. If you have a god other than our gods, you will kusiksa to death! I was often seen chatting with my bishop. There is a relationship what thee with my bishop? ""Sire, I have a conversation with him because he had ordered the meat to me," replied the young man. "Is not my bishop that does not like to eat meat?" Said the king. Calmly the young man answered, "Sir, did the minister do not like to eat meat, but families were uamh like to eat meat." The king did not extend the question again. It pays young cattle sold it and let it go.
The young man home with the dog earlier. Arriving at the house, the young man gave copper the dog's collar and wear them. That's when the dog was staying with him. At midnight, the young man out of his house. The dog followed him. Then they went on a hill, there are six young man who was waiting for him. They shook hands and embraced each other.
The young man said to one of them, "O minister, the king began to suspect us. Should we leave town." I think spies Dikyanus already know our faith in Allah. When he reported it, we would have been killed or forced to worship idols, "the minister replied." Let's wait until tomorrow. If Dikyanus already know it, we must immediately leave the city. Then, we hid in a cave not far from this hill. May Allah protect us all, "replied the young man. Eventually they return to their homes.
The king was furious to hear reports its spies. He ordered the soldiers to arrest seven people. The soldiers ransacked the houses to search for seven people. Meanwhile, the boy and his dog and six companions were inside the cave. They were together to pray, "O God, give me your grace to us, and give us the right way in our affairs."
I was so tired, they slept soundly. While the dog was on guard in front of the cave. However, severe drowsiness was also struck the dog, the dog rose to fall asleep anyway. When it woke up, the dog was surprised to see his fur has been elongated in such a manner. He wondered, did not he just sleep last night, why fur has been elongated. The dog was barking trying to wake the inhabitants of the cave. The dog was returned surprised to find their beards too long to foot. Similarly, their hair loose to touch the ground. They wonder, "Why did we get like this? It's as if we've been sleeping for hundreds of years!" But one of them to refute, because they also feel a new sleep just one night. They also argue argue about the length of their sleep. Finally, one of them also mediate, they better not obtain food. They also chose the young man to buy food. The young man took the dog. Before they leave the cave, they were told, "My friend, be careful not to be known Dikyanus and soldiers!"
Along their journey, many people are amazed even those tend to be frightened by our appearance. "Who is it? Why a long beard? Note also dog fur is also very long!"
The young man entered a shop to buy meat and bread. He was handed a gold coin. Gold money was the result of sales of livestock to the King Dikyanus. When the baker saw that currency, he was surprised, and said, "Sir, this ancient currency! Where did you get it? Did you find a new treasure?"
People were gathered around him. They wanted to know what had happened. From the story told, they know that the young man was one of seven people of faith who were hiding in a cave. "Now you do not be afraid because Dikyanus cruel king had died more than three hundred years ago. Now, we are led by a king who believes in God like you," they said. After listening to the people, the young man returned to the cave along with his dog.
The story of the return of all seven of them to the king Ephese new. He and his ministers come to them. The king asked them to stay in his palace. However, they reject it because they do not want to live in extravagance. They prefer to live in a cave to worship God.
Not long after that, God mewafatkan seven occupants of the cave with his dog. To commemorate them, King Ephese create a place of worship over the cave. Events experienced by the inhabitants of the cave with his dog is one of the signs of Allah. That God was able to lull his servants for three hundred and nine years and rebuild it. Subhanallah.

And you think them awake while they sleep. And we go back and turn them to the right and left, while their dog menelunjurkan his arms in front of the cave entrance. And if you looked at them you would certainly have turned from them and run away and surely your heart will be filled with awe of them. (QS. Al-Kahf: 18)

Compiled from various sources

Legal sources of Islamic Economics

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Islam Facts Religion - As a comprehensive teaching, the law of Islamic economics is built on the basis of the rules of usul fiqh mu'amalah, qawa'id falsahah fiqh and Islamic Law in which everything that is not forbidden by the Quran and Sunnah is lawful. Means most economists Muslims understand Islamic economics as a theory and practice of economic avoid any transaction that contains the riba (interest), gambling (gambling) and gharar (speculation), avoid resorting to an increase in well-being in a manner that is false or harm others, emphasis on the aspect of justice rather than efficiency, do not make investments and transactions on products which are prohibited, and striving for social welfare supported by charity and other pious deeds.

1. Sources of law from the Quran.

Sources of Islamic law are eternal and original is the holy book of the Qur'an. The Qur'an is a real mandate that God delivered through the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad to guide mankind. This mandate is universal, eternal and fundamental.

The Quran does not only give the demands in the field of religion alone, the Qur'an also explains the rules in the areas of social, political and even economic.

The Qur'an gives law - the laws of economics are in accordance with the goals and ideals - ideals of Islamic economics itself. The Qur'an gives the law - the law of economy that can create stability in the economy itself.

QS. Ar-Rum: 39 "And something riba (optional) that you gave him to grow on human property, then that usury does not add on the side of God. And what you give in the form of zakat you mean to achieve the pleasure of Allah, then (yakan ng doing so) that people who multiply (pahalaya). "

QS. Al-Baqarah: 278: "O ye who believe, fear Allah and give up what remains of usury (which have not been collected) if ye are believers."
2. Sources of the law of Hadith and As-Sunnah
In the context of Islamic law, the Sunnah which literally means "the way, the customs, habits of life" refers to the behavior of the Prophet SAW precedent; Sunnah is largely based on the normative practice of society in his time. Understanding sunnah so has the sense of tradition that lives on each - each next generation.

As a source of economic laws of Islam, the Sunnah of the Prophet illustrate behavior in economic activity in daily life - the day that made him, and in accordance with the purposes syar'i.

Examples hadith about the sanctity of property rights:

Abu Hurayrah about the man who asked the Prophet: "O Messenger of Allah! What do you think if there are people who want to take my property? "He replied," do not you give wealth to him? "He asked again" if he attacked to kill me? "He replied," strike it? "He asked again," what would you think if if he killed me? "He replied," you are a martyr "she asked" what if I kill him? "He replied," he is going to hell"

3. Sources of law of ijma '

Ijma 'is a good consensus from the public and scholars of religion. Conceptual differences between the sunnah and consensus lies in the fact that the sunnah is substantially limited to the teachings - teachings of the Prophet and extended to the companions because they are a source for delivery, while the ijma 'is a principle of the contents of the new law which arise as a result of doing deals and logic face a society that is expanding rapidly.

Every age having an own problems - his own which is different than other times, including in economic matters. In fact, not just every era, but each state has its own economic problems. From here people or scholars of Islamic economics is in these conditions that gave birth to a new concept in accordance with the existing konisi without departing from the spirit of Islamic economics itself.

4. Ijtihad and Qiyas

Technically, ijtihad means "continue to make every effort to determine the number of possible bit of a problem Shari'a. Effect of legal opinion is that it provides may be true, although it may be wrong.
Ijtihad is a reinterpretation of the basic economic laws of Islam such as the Quran and hadith to be adapted to existing conditions. Qiyas is the equation of the law of a case with other cases because of similarities illat law that can not be known through purely language understanding.

5. Maslahah mursalah

There is no legal firmness in the Qur'an and Hadith so that we can see whether it is more maslahatnya or mudharatnya.

6. Istishab and Istishan

Treating laws already in force or return to the original rule until there dali menunujukkan changes. Istishan is count - count something and think of goodness conceivably the mujtahid.

7. Urf

Customs or habits that have been like being the customs but still not violate the rules of Islam.